Live Performances: 2004 - 2024

Live performance of No Roof Only Sky & Where The Waves Erode The Heavens for tQ Live : Three Designs For Life, The Globe, Newcastle, 20-06-24 alongside Mirador and Peony

Live performance of Where The Waves Erode The Heavens for Radiophrenia 2023, CCA, Glasgow, August 2023 with Morag Law and Ronan Doyle (released on No Roof Only Sky, 2024)

Live performance of Audible Tells (The Rain On Your Tin Roof/Cordiform/The Sun, The Emperor & The Tower) at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, 19-04-23 alongside Bubble People and Daniel McGurty

Live 8-channel duo performance with Paul Michael Henry of A Baleful Ball of Approaching Light for ARCadia festival, University of Glasgow, 19-09-22

Live duo performance with Orphax of 44: A Tarot For Sietse Van Erve for BrokenTen: 10 Years of Broken20, Iklectik, London, 17-09-22 alongside Tengui, Spatial, Jake Williams, Production Unit, Mucha and more

Live performance of What We Talk About When We Talk About Water / Stroudwater for The Wire 30, 13th Note, Glasgow, 07-07-22 alongside Isobel Fraser and Helena Celle

Live performance of A Sea Of Cogs for UNFIX 2021,, 18-05-21

Live performance of Stroudwater with AOTCI at Sonic Commune, Corsica Studios, 05-06-21

Live performance of Territory online for BEAST, 29-01-21

Live set for Brokensonics2020,  further_in (, 27-06-20

Live improvised performance of Stroudwater online for Noise Quest 4, 13-05-20

Live improvised performance of 44 online for Broken20 takeover, further_in (, 09-05-20

Live 4hr improvised performance with James Sandford, Logtoad and others as part of Further, Nice and Sleazy, Glasgow, 26-01-20 (released on Logic Of The Signifier, 2020)

Live performance of Hell Is Empty (Brexit version) at UNFIX 2019, CCA, Glasgow, 30/03/19

Live performance of Stroudwater / I LIke To Remember Things My Own Way at Algorithmic Art Assembly, The Gray Area, San Francisco, 23/03/19

Live performance of I Like To Remember Things My Own Way at LYNCH, Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, 20/01/19 alongside all sorts of other interesting things. (released on Broken20, 2020)

Rose and Sandy performance with Dave Donnelly at Broken20 Night, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 30th November 2018 alongside Spatial, Datasette, James Sandford, Ribeka and Mother

Rose and Sandy performance with Dave Donnelly at Broken20 Night, Cafe Oto, London, 3rd October 2018 alongside Spatial, Tengui and Datasette

Live performance at False Flags, 13th Note, Glasgow, 26th March 2018 alongside Pelts and Mothmatix

Performance of Lionra with Dave Donnelly and Euan Thomson as part of our multi-disciplinary work with Eleanor Thomson of the same name, as part of Sanctuary 2017, Galloway Forest, 23/09/17

Two performances of Hell Is Empty accompanying my audio/visual installation of the same name, as part of the TongueFest group show at the Laurieston Arches in Glasgow, on 16th and 17th September 2017 

Performance of Hell Is Empty, processing live data from and transforming the shit into gold, at FIBER festival 2017, Shelter, Amsterdam, 13/05/17, with Sendai and Sky H1

Performance of Wind Die, You Die, We Die at Incubate 2016, Tilburg, Netherlands, 10/7/16, with Orphax, BJ Nilsen and Edgars Rubenis (recording will feature on the Wind Die You Die We Die DVD)

Performance of Wind Die, You Die, We Die at Ruisboro present Moving Furniture Records, De Ruimte at De Verkeerstoren, Amsterdam, 9/7/16 with Zeno van den Broek

Duo live set with Production Unit at Broken Sonics 2016 at Corsica Studios, London, August 12th 2016

Two live performance installations - Four Windows On The North-Western Wall and Something That Reminds Me Of You - and participation in several group improv performances at Sanctuary Lab 2015, Galloway Forest, 26-27 September 2015

Wind Die, You Die, We Die (club version) at Broken Sonics, Corsica Studios, London, July 31st 2015 alongside Tengui, Spatial, Miles, Beneath, Equinox, Asusu and more (recording to feature on the forthcoming Wind Die, You Die, We Die DVD on Broken20)

Performance/screening of of Wind Die, You Die, We Die at the Spatial Primitives launch party, Apiary Studios, London on January 24th 2015, alongside Spatial, Sculpture and Bass Clef (recording to feature on the forthcoming Wind Die, You Die, We Die DVD on Broken20)

Debut live performance/screening of Wind Die, You Die, We Die for turntables, laptop and electronics as part of the Burroughs at 100 event, The Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, 13th December 2014 alongside many others including Michael Horovitz, CP Lee and Ken Hollings (recording to feature on the forthcoming Wind Die, You Die, We Die DVD on Broken20)

8 hour long installation/performance An Unbroken Circle from 10pm-6am through the night at The Dark Outside event, in the Galloway Forest, September 27th 2014  - collaborative improvisation with Dave Fyans/Erstlaub, David Coyle and Brian McGovern

Duo performance with Paul Purgas at Glasgow School Of Art, 5-04-14 for a Guild Of Calamitous Intent event (with The Orpheus Choir and Mother) (to be released in 2015 as the first Tangent Sereies cd-r on Broken20)

The Western Lands and Dead Roads live as part of Unconscious Archives two day event at The Apiary, London, 2-11-13 (with Ryan Jordan, Sally Golding and others) (recording will be available as bonus material with Dileab Cholbhasach - The Western Lands pt 1 on Moving Furniture records)

Live set as part of Colony vs The Quietus, The Hive Project, London, September 27th 2013 (with Sensate Focus, Beneath and Dom Butler of Factory Floor) (recording available here)

The Western Lands live as part of Dileab Cholbhasach - A Colonsay Legacy book launch, Bishopton Community Centre, June 2013 (to be released as The Western Lands part 1 on Moving Furniture records)

Duo performance with Patrick Walker (Forward Strategy Group) at Hydroacoustics, MS Stubnitz, Canary Wharf, London, May 6th 2013 (with Zoviet France, Helm, Roly Porter and others) (Excerpt of the video is here)

Red Night Variations live at Rewired, The Royal Albert Hall, London, October 25th 2012 (released as part of the Red Night Variations ltd DVD set) (with Hieroglyphic Being and Bass Clef/Some Truths)

Red Night Variations live at We Can Elude Control, Peckham NCP Car Park, August 18th 2012 (with Roly Porter, Roberto Crippa & Bill Kouligas)

Live at Freerotation festival, July 6th 2012 (with millions of other good people)

Duo performance with Paul Purgas as part of We Can Elude Control present Ritual Electronics, the Hidden Gallery, Glasgow, April 21st (with Konx-Om-Pax)

Live at The Outer Church, Brighton, January 2012 - SoundCloud stream here

Live at Plex/Colony/Machine, 28th October 2011 (alongisde Surgeon, Peverelist, Perc, Andy Stott, Neil Landstrumm etc)

Live at Bloc Weekend, 12th March 2011, Minehead (alongside Plex, Silent Servant, Ancient Methods, Datasette and more) 

Rose and Sandy live at Cryptic Nights, CCA Glasgow December 2010 with visuals from Florence To

Live at lab30, Augsburg Germany, 5th November 2010 - mixcloud stream here (alongside Production Unit)

Live both solo (mostly performing Amid The Blaze Of Noon) and in a duo performance with Erstlaub at n_ilk Festival, Dundee Botanic Gardens, 11-09-2010 (alongside Loops Haunt, Point to C, Production Unit dj and more)

Live at Krill meets Eclectica as part of Eclectica Festival 2010, 4-09-14, in Tartu, Estonia (with IJO)

Live at FutureEverything: Memories Are Brighter Than Our Digital Debris, May 15th, 2010 (released as part of the We Can Remember It For You Wholesale album)

Live at Colony, Rhythm Factory, London, 17-04-10 (alongside Pendle Coven)

Live at Plex, London 05-02-2010 - download here (alongside Sandwell District/Forward Strategy Group/TRG/Function)

Live at Towards The Singularity for Highpoint Lowlife, Cafe Oto, London, 31-08-08 - download here (alongside Fighting Kites, Mandelbrot, Erstlaub)

Rose and Sandy (plus live video from Mary) at HOST, Market Gallery, Glasgow 10-08-08

Live scoring of episode 1 of Takashi Miike’s MPD Psycho for Miso/Triptych 27-04-08 (released as the I Can Hear The Sirens Singing Again album on cd on Highpoint Lowlife) (with Erstlaub, Production Unit, Konx-om-pax and Chris Dooks)

Live at Noise Pollution, Glasgow 29-03-2008 - download here (with Sleeparchive)

Live at Fortified Sessions, Glasgow, 21-03-2008, for The Dark Is Rising launch party (with 2562)

Duo with Orphax at Pre-Op, McSorleys, Glasgow 19-08-07 - download here

Live at a Caydnss party, The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow 18-08-07 (alongside Tersh Jetterax, Bob Techno)

Rose and Sandy live at Kinky Afro / Triptych, Sub Club, Glasgow 28-04-06 (alongside Andrea Parker, Actress)

Live at Numbers., Glasgow 2006 (with Izu and Rustie)

Live at Versus Electronics, Barcelona 2006 (with Izu)

Live at lab30, Augsburg Germany 2006 (including duo with Izu) - download here

Rose and Sandy live, at Resfest, St Judes, 16-10-05 (alongside Izu, Magic Daddy)

Accrual live at Stereo, 09-08-05 - download here

Live at Numbers. , 13-05-05 (alongside Production Unit, The Village Unit)

Live at Miso, 13th Note, Glasgow 02-04-05 (with aMute)

Live at lab30, Augsburg, 07-11-04  - download here

Live at State 51 Extension, London 2004 - download here (with Joshua Treble, Mitchell Akiyama, MBSFG, Desormais)

Live debut at Laptop Idol, Halcyon, Glasgow, 2004 - download here