Memories Are Brighter Than Our Digital Debris (2010)
In collaboration with Hive Collective

Audio/visual installation and performance piece, comissioned for FutureEverything, May 15th, 2010, Contact Theatre, Manchester

“Everyday digital archives have become ubiquitous through the use of mobile technologies such as smartphones. As a result, we’re constantly archiving and recording our experiences, often at the same time as we experience them. Immediate, esoteric and transient, digital representations actually mirror the fleeting nature of memory itself, becoming confused, misappropriated, anachronistic and ultimately forgotten. For this interactive performance culminating in a unique performance from TVO, the Hive Collective invites you to trade a copy of your digital memories either in person or by uploading to the website below. In return, invited electronic audiovisual artists will take these as their starting point, creating an immediate immersive environment in which your recollections are replayed, re-presented, confused and ultimately erased.”