Their Tells (2021-2023)
(10 sound art pieces/films)

Ongoing Work In Progress for Repeater Radio
A series of 10 sound art pieces/films with human voices and stories at their heart
The soundtracks for each film were reworked and collected on TDO Tapes in 2023

You can watch the whole series on the Repeater Books Youtube channel

1. The Best And Only - with various voices (April 2021) - download booklet  

2. Blocklist - with Rachel Robinson (May 2021) - download booklet

3. I Like To Remember Things My Own Way - with Luke Hansbury (July 2021) download booklet 

4. Three Parables - with Andrea Marshall (August 2021) download booklet  

5. Determination Resonating From Intent - with an AI narrator & Bryan Kerr (September 2021) download booklet  

6. Travelling Light - with Morag Law (November 2021) download booklet  

7. 44 Fathers and 34 Sons - with Alexander and Alasdair Law (June 2022) download booklet  

8. What We Talk About When We Talk About Water - with Fiona Nicolson (July 2022) download booklet  

8.5. Circle Square Cross Star Wavy Line - with Ewan Law (October 2022) download booklet  

9. Palimpsest - with Scott McKellar (October 2023) download booklet download booklet  

10. No Roof Only Sky - with Suzanne McGruther and Craig Turner (July 2023)