further_in (2020/ongoing)
(online platform, real-world events)
Collaboration with David Coyle, Dave Donnelly, Max Bacharach and many others

further_in ( is a browser/mobile based streaming channel, conceived to support artists, performers, writers, dancers, DJs and musicians an opportunity to have a platform for their work, in the COVID-19 epidemic which effectively shut down live art overnight.

It launched with a program of films and music, with the hosting of the DaDark Outside festival (originally scheduled for Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbarn in Cumbria) in the launch weekend attracting thousands of viewers; ironically many times more than would have seen it in real life.

It is entirely non profit and free to view, with donations being passed directly on to the participating artists.

It is an evolving work in progress.

As of April 2021, in collaboration with Max Bacharach/AOTCI, it eveolved further into a weekly online event (Sonic Commune Season 1) and irregular real-world event (Season 2)