A Sea Of Cogs (2021/2022)
(5 films, live performance, digital release, book of poetry)
Comission for Unfix Festival 2020/2021
Poetry book/digital album in collaboration with Matt Nish-Lapidus 2022

A series of 5 films/interviews with a generative soundtrack, and accompanying performance
You can see more details on the Unfix site and watch the films and performance below.

A Sea Of Cogs is a series of short films (presented both as streaming On Demand, and woven together into a singular live performance), focusing on interviews with individuals who have lost work and their sense of self during the pandemic. Told through Zoom interviews, visualised data, and excerpts from Ursula Le Guin’s novel “The Dispossessed”, it strives to map out how we can all move forwards after we leave the walls built around us.

You can purchase the book/digital release here and see a lovely review from The Wire here

Keywords: redundancy, job loss, career identity, data visualisation, generative vocal derived drone, Ursula K. Le Guin

1. Fabiana

2. Scott

3. Jen

4. Ronan
                        5. Mariam