Territory (2021)
(performance interface)

Territory is a performance interface for playing back and combining walks - currently in the same location, and eventually in two different locations.

It was originally conceived as a way to perform in locations far away from my own home, to allow the area that I live, work and spend my time in to be mapped onto the location I was performing in. Eventually it will be a way to map and interact walks in two seperate locations (for example, location of performance vs location I journeyed from)

Using maps, field recordings, photos and oral recollection to record the walk itself, these are then mapped onto the position of a turntable needle across vinyl. As the needle moves towards the centre, so too does the walk map out across the screen - and manipulation of the vinyl, needle position, direction etc allows the walk to be manipulated in real time.

- Performed live for the BEAST (Birmingham Electro-Acoustic Sound Theatre) event online, 29/01/21