Older Work, Collaborations and Contributions

Broken20 [record label]
        - 13 years old and counting; sprawling, multi-genre multi-format label run, at various points, with David Fyans, David Coyle and Dave Donnelly

Logic Of The Signifier [record label]
       - An experiment in releasing music over digital, CD and live events with Max Bacharach (see also: further_in / Sonic Commune)

Wind Die, You Die, We Die  [film, performances, DVD release]
In collaboration with Brian McGovern

Sanctuary 2014 - An Unbroken Circle [live performance/ritual]
      - In collaboration with David Fyans

Alice Hoffman-Fuller - Autopia [Virtual Online World installation]
      - provided sound design and music 

Cenatus - The Situationist’s Walkman [Audio augmented reality experience]
      - provided one set of audio streams to be experienced via AR

Hive Collective - Memories Are Brighter Than Our Digital Debris [installation and performance]
       - live performance based around (and performed against) the audio and video from Hive Collective’s installation