Stroudwater (2019/2021)
(film, CD release, text piece, performance)
Vocals by Morag Law

Stroudwater began life as a performance piece and abstract film for Algorithmic Art Assembly in San Francisco, 2019. Using recordings of my mother singing her favourite psalm, and an attempt via software to automatically transcribe scanned pages of the sheet music into audio, it then expanded into further performances and a CD release on Logic Of The Signifier.

- Performed at Algorithmic Art Assembly, The Grey Area, San Francisco, 23-03-19
- Performed at Noise Quest 4, online, 13-05-20
- Performed at Sonic Commune (with AOTCI), Corsica Studios, London, 05-06-21
- Performed at The Wire 30, 13th Note, Glasgow, 07-07-22