Determination Resonating From Intent (text piece accompanying the installation of the same name, 2021)

- Download here

The Impossibility Of Home (text piece accompanying Stroudwater CD, 2021)

- Download here

Three Parables

- Text for the film of the same name

Blocklist (first draft of outline for the film of the same name, 2020) 

 - Download here, from Gated Canal Community
 - Final version for the Their Tells film of the same name

I Like To Remember Things My Own Way (text piece accompanying release of the same name, 2020) 

Download the full piece here or visit remember.broken20.com

Carmyle Loop, 20/9/14 (text for b20_28, Graham Dunning - Aggregate, 2016) 

- Download here

Horizontal Alliance, Vertical Conflicts (sleevenotes for the Rose and Sandy album on Moving Furniture records, 2018)

- Download here