ruaridh law
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He had to break it all down. To rise, he believed he had to raze the ground and salt the land. It wasn’t the fall that killed him, but the landing.

Their Tells 08: What We Talk About When We Talk About Water [film, Repeater]
Sonic Commune vs Resonance EXTRA [monthly radio show, Resonance EXTRA]
Clyde Built Radio series [monthly radiocshow, Clyde Built Radio]
Alice Hoffman-Fuller - Autopia [Sound design for Virtual World art installation]

Ruaridh Law & Appalku of Emerkar - The Blob [physical audio player/album]
Their Tells 08.5: Circle Square Cross Star Wavy Lines [film, Repeater]
Their Tells 09: Palimpsest [film, Repeater]
Audible Tells [album/secret label]
A Sea Of Cogs season 2 [film series, Repeater]
Algorithmic Art Assembly 2023 [live event, San Francisco]