ruaridh law
   Art & Music

He had to break it all down. To rise, he believed he had to raze the ground and salt the land. It wasn’t the fall that killed him, but the landing.

Their Tells 09: Palimpsest [film, Repeater]
This Is Where I x And x The x And All The x I Used [film, Repeater]
No Roof Only Sky [1] & [2] [new small press imprint]
Sonic Commune vs Resonance EXTRA [monthly radio show, Resonance EXTRA]
ClydeBuilt Radio show [irregular radio show, ClydeBuilt Radio]

Their Tells 10: No Roof Only Sky [film, Repeater]
The Long Road South (w/ Tengui) [cd, Logic Of The Signifier]
No Roof Only Sky [3] - Where The Waves Erode The Heavens [performance/text/book, Radiophrenia 2023/No Roof Only Sky]
I Don’t Want To Worry You Uneccesarily [tapesplit release with The Incidental Crack, Preston Capes]
Collaboration with Andrew Sharpley [format & label tbc]