ruaridh law
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He had to break it all down. To rise, he believed he had to raze the ground and salt the land. It wasn’t the fall that killed him, but the landing.


Their Tells 06: Travelling Light [film, Repeater]
TVO & AOTCI - Existence Is A Sliding Scale 
[CD/digital, Logic Of The Signifier/UK]
Wer [12” track, Don’tBeAfraid 45.5, UK]
Machines In Liminal Space [Generative Music Stream, Mubert, RU]
Impulsive Ghosts (edit) [track & art piece on NYH280 CD/magazine, New York Haunted, NL]
Sickening Lurch, Inevitable Fall [track, Diary Of A Madman cassette, The Dark Outside, UK]

A Sea Of Cogs [digital album and book with Matt Nish-Lapidus, <Blink>/CAN]
Their Tells 07: 34 Fathers and 44 Sons [film, Repeater]
Francisco Meirino & Ruaridh Law : Always  In Delay And Yet We’re Here [track, Moving Furniture Records CD, NL]
The Situationist’s Walkman (participant) [site specific stream, Cenatus, LDN]